Lent Lectures at St Edmundsbury Cathedral

The Lectures will be in the Cathedral’s Edmund Lecture Room and start at 7.30pm with refreshments being served from 7pm.

Admission is free and donations are appreciated.



Tuesday Evenings at St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Lent Lectures 2017

A Rock in a Hard Place: Faith under Pressure


Critics of religion sometimes describe believers as inadequate people who need faith as a crutch to get them through life. By contrast believers often find that their faith is as much a challenge as a means of support.

This Lent series enquires into what happens to faith when it is put under different kinds of pressure.


Tuesday 7 March

Standing in the Gap: transactional faith for our times

A plague starts. 

Aaron is sent with his censer to stand between the living and the dead and the plague ceases. 

In whom is the God of the gaps now to be found?

Chris Chivers, the Principal of Westcott House, Cambridge, and Chair of USPG, explores this question to annunciate a global theology of hope for this, as for any age.

Tuesday 14  March

“Is this age yet?”

The life span has changed in a major way so it is easy to lose our bearings. Maybe we savour this gift of years or maybe it is worrisome – or maybe both.  The greying of nations is both personal and political, and if we are wise it is also a spiritual matter.

Ann Morisy lives in south London and is a  well-regarded writer and a widely travelled lecturer.  Her presentations are down to earth but informed by scholarship as well as being engaging and light-hearted.

Tuesday 21  March

Jesus under pressure (1): Press and Pressure

Gethsemane and the poetry of George Herbert, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Rowan Williams.

The gospels’ accounts of Jesus in Gethsemane show how troubled he was immediately before his arrest, something that has long fascinated poets.

Malcolm Guite is a priest-poet and Chaplain of Girton College, Cambridge. He lectures widely on the relationship between theology and literature. Among his writings is Faith, Hope and Poetry (2006), and he has edited The Word in the Wilderness (2014), an anthology of poetry for Lent.

 Tuesday 28  March

The forgotten faithful: salt and light in the Middle East

The news is all about the disappearing and persecuted Christians of the Middle East.

But what of those who remain, or hope one day to return? 

What does their faith look like under pressure?

Jeremy Moodey is the Chief Executive of Embrace the Middle East, the Christian development charity formerly known as BibleLands.  He is a former diplomat and City investment banker.

Tuesday 4  April

Jesus under pressure (2): “Love, like Water”

Lazarus, Mary and Martha, and the Vulnerability of Jesus.

Jesus’ response to the news of his friend Lazarus’ illness in the gospel of John is intriguing. What does his delay tell us about the pressure he was under?

John Parr is the Parish Priest of Hadleigh with Layham and Shelley, and the author of Credible Witnesses. What people thought of Jesus as revealed in John’s Gospel (2016).