Our link with Hasselt in Belgium began with a meeting of former Diocesan bishop, John Dennis, and Canon Hans Tercic, priest in charge of the convent at Herkenrode on the outskirts of Hasselt. The convent was returned to the Order of the Holy Sepulchre in 1974, having been taken from them during the French Revolution. The buildings had been used as a hospital and sugar beet factory, but sheer dedication and hard work has restored the home of the abbess and new cloisters have been built, incorporating what remained of the original and a new chapel and refectory. The annual cathedral “candle pilgrimage” to Kevelaer has an overnight stay at this retreat facility, and people always marvel at this fascinating historical, but living, evidence of what can be achieved by faith. The main town offers a cathedral to visit plus more significant architecture, with shopping, restaurants, and other places of interest.