The Cathedral link with Kevelaer began when both Bury St Edmunds and Kevelaer had Royal Air Force stations a few miles away, and members of our congregation were stationed there. Kevelaer is in Germany a few miles from the border with Holland, and is now Bury St Edmunds’ twin town. It is a major centre of Christian pilgrimage and welcomes almost a million pilgrims a year, including our own “candle pilgrimage”. The purpose of this visit is to collect the Paschal (or Easter) Candle for the Cathedral which is presented to us at Candlemas, and blessed at the dawn service on Easter Day. In addition, two identical candles are also made, one of which remains in the Kevelaer Candle Chapel and the other of which is brought to the Cathedral. These are lit at our respective evensongs, to confirm our mutual friendship and fellowship in Christ. The pilgrimage party consists of a member of the clergy, lay members of the congregation and an invited accompanying group, e.g. a local school, Rotary Club, choir or organisations like the Mothers’ Union