The preaching of the Word of God is a significant feature of all of the Cathedral’s main services, especially on Sundays. Most of the sermons are preached by the resident clergy of the Cathedral but we also welcome the bishops of the Diocese and guest preachers — both lay and ordained — from near and far. 

We are currently reviewing the sermons on our site and, while this is underway, only the most recent month's sermons are available. We hope to restore the full catalogue of sermons in due course, thanks for your patience. 

  Title Preacher Date
  Easter Day Martin Seeley 16 April 2017
  Diocesan Chrism Mass Mike Harrison 13 April 2017
  Maundy Thursday Angela Tilby 13 April 2017
  Holy Week Angela Tilby 10-12 April 2017
  Passion Sunday Chris Andrews 2 April 2017
  Lent 5 David Crawley 2 April 2017
  HM Courts of Justice Service David Anderson QC 12 March 2017
  Fairtrade Fortnight Richard Stainer 12 March 2017
  First Sunday in Lent Tim Stevens 5 March 2017
  Realising Our Unity With God Matthew Vernon 26 February 2017
  Third Sunday Before Lent Philip Banks 12 February 2017
  Eco Cathedral Frances Ward 5 February 2017 
  Our Identity in Christ Matthew Vernon 26 January 2017
  Epiphany Sunday Philip Banks 8 January 2017
  Dean's New Year Sermon Frances Ward 1 January 2017
  After Christmas Day David Crawley 1 January 2017
  Christmas 2016 Martin Seeley 25 December 2016
  Midnight Mass Frances Ward 24 December 2016
  Advent 3 Frances Ward 11 December 2016
  Christian Aid  Simon Snell 4 December 2016
  Christ The King Frances Ward 20 November 2016
  Remembrance Sunday 2016 Frances Ward 13 November 2016
  All Saints Sunday Philip Banks 30 October 2016
  Inclusive Church Frances Ward 23 October 2016
  Generosity Beyond Measure Matthew Vernon 9 October 2016
  Trinity 19 Margaret Ellis 2 October 2016
  Shrewd Children of Light Philip Banks 18 September 2016
  Self Acceptance Matthew Vernon 11 September 2016
  15th after Trinity Frances Ward 4 September 2016