Young People


There seems to be a belief that no one under 70 goes to church. In the Cathedral, we have well over a hundred young people attending over the course of a week. On Friday, the Lecture Room is used by Young Families and, on Sunday, the Discovery Centre is occupied by the Crèche and Junior Church. Our Choristers meet four mornings a week before school and, once a month, twenty-five teenagers (the St Cecilia Chorale) sing Evensong and thirty Colts and the St Cecilia Juniors, our youngest singers, sing Evensong too.

Junior Church

Shortly after the start of our main 10 o’clock service on a Sunday morning, the children get up and leave. Junior Church meets in the Discovery Centre and about twenty children, with two or three adults, work through material linked with the day’s bible readings. There are story telling, songs, colouring, and glue! After an enjoyable forty minutes, they come back into the Cathedral and join their parents for Communion.


The main service at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning is just over an hour long, which is a long time to sit still when you’re little. So we have a crèche in the Discovery Centre staffed by parents and it’s a good place to escape. Sometimes parents leave their children and go back for a quiet period of worship, sometimes they stay and play too!

Pram Service

Once a month, usually on the second Friday at 10.30 a.m., our Young Families group, which meets every Friday morning, has an informal service. We include some songs we all know, there’s often a a good story. Mums (and the occasional dad) and children get a lot out of it. All are welcome.